Random PEMDAS Problem Generator

Welcome to this random PEMDAS problem generator. This page generates problems by (pseudo)randomly selecting numbers and operators. It does not generate these problems in a "nice" way such that terms will nicely cancel out. It's rather unlikely that there will be any canceling out. This page is all about practicing the order of operations. You can check your work by highlighting the white text next to the equals sign. I recently added support for fractions so you'll still get the decimal solution along with it expressed as a fraction (as long as the denominator is less than 100,000) This makes it easier to check your work without a calculator.

Note: it says "expected length of problems" because it (pseudo)randomly decides when to stop adding symbols to the problem. It does this in a way that the average length of the problems will be around the desired "expected length" but this also means it's possible to get really short and really long problems.

This page uses MathJax to render the math problems in a nice way.

Expected length of problems:
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